Orange and cinnamon Home Spa Set

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Down to earth indulge products are pure and natural. Body butters are Almond based, paraben free. All of the good none of the bad.

 Orange Essential Oil, most commonly referred to as Sweet Orange Essential Oil, is derived from
the fruits of the Citrus sinensis botanical. Conversely, Bitter Orange Essential Oil is derived from
the fruits of the Citrus aurantium botanical.
 Orange Oil’s ability to naturally enhance immunity and reduce several symptoms of numerous
ailments have lent it to traditional medicinal applications for the treatment of acne, chronic stress,
and other health concerns.
 Used in aromatherapy, Orange Essential Oil’s pleasant scent has a cheerful and uplifting yet
simultaneously relaxing, calming effect that helps reduce pulse rate. It can not only create a
warm environment but can also stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system and
eliminate airborne bacteria.

 Applied in a massage, Orange Essential Oil is known to increase blood flow. This is known to
relieve discomforts associated with inflammation, headaches, menstruation, and low libido.
 Used medicinally, Orange Essential Oil reduces the incidents of painful and reflexive muscle
contractions. It is traditionally used in massages to relieve stress, abdominal pain, diarrhoea,
constipation, indigestion or improper digestion, and congestion of the nose.

    a Set consist of the following products:


    Body Butter

    Body Scrub

    Room & Linen Mist

    Bath Soak

    Vanilla Lip Balm



    The Orange and cinnamon Home Spa Set is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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