Frangipani Fragranced Mani & Pedi Combo

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''a one minute manicure in the comfort of your home''

Down to earth indulge products are pure and natural. All of the good none of the bad.

Made of plant based oils, such as almond- and coconut oil, healing essential oils, Shea butter and seed oils. All of these are super foods for the skin and is known for it's ability to improve elasticity, deeply nourishes and softens skin, anti inflammatory, anti ageing and cell regenerating. No animal products used.

Frangipani Mani & Pedi Scrub and Butter Combo 230ML  - fragrances NOT Aromatherapy 

This combo consist of

1 x 200ml butter

1 x 200 ml scrub 

Frangipani Mani & Pedi scrub is gently formulated by combining a fine white sugar with coconut oil and beeswax

Frangippani Mani & Pedi Butter is a combination of coconut oil beeswax en Shea butter to protect and moisture very dry skin. Also perfect to use as a cuticle cream.

Glycosides in Frangipani help to get other vital ingredients absorbed into the skin to hydrate the skin by binding onto water molecules. It also supports healthy collagen production.

Frangipani keeps skin supple and toned thanks to an organic substance, Lignin. It is also used in anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and skin toning products. Oxidative stress-induced tissue damage can also be diminished with the use of this essential oil.

The Frangipani Fragranced Mani & Pedi Combo is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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