About Us

Naturally Indulged by Mother Nature!
Down to Earth Indulge was born from the joy and
happiness I experienced with every drop of essential oil,
mixed and blend together with some plant-based oils
and butters...
Experimenting and playing around, to
discover the perfect combination, to create a creamy
body butter, with just enough aroma, slip, moisture
and then...

The perfect Body Butter...

My friends and family loved their gifts and asked
for more. How about a matching Body scrub, Bath
soak, Room mist, Lip butter? How about a whole
How about different fragrances and
experiences that express moods, emotions and soothe
all your senses.

How about indulging in Natures’ gifts.
Lemon, Rosemary, Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon,
Orange, Rose geranium, Lemon grass...
a Home Spa range, inspired by Nature.

And then DOWN TO EARTH INDULGE was born...
These handcrafted products are made one by one, with
much love and care. I trust that you will experience
the same joy and satisfaction I do, when Indulging
in this unique gift.
Vanilla & Honey Home Spa Pamper Set
- Elmari